SMBL postpones all baseball games until May 2

Covid-19 Press Release

Attached the Press Release from BNSW that was forwarded to SMBL by a couple of clubs.
Unfortunately this means that while we can set up the competition, your Club, as a member of BNSW cannot take part. The competition will now commence on 2 May. A draw will be issued as soon as we have received all your team lists.

We were disappointed that SMBL did not receive the press release and certainly were not consulted. Other sport cancellations have only been because of crowd numbers (hardly our problem). Today’s Government announcement recommended cancellation of indoor events of 100 and outdoor events with more than 500. Even Rugby League etc has continued albeit without spectators. We do think that our earlier notice was a better approach to the problem.

However, it is what it is. As a consequence, teams are going to have a shorter season this year (12 weeks as long as we play on June long weekend) You should note that the BNSW directive includes no training. We will do our best to create six team competitions to ensure each team gets two complete rounds.
Enjoy your extended break

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